Package com.sun.grizzly.config

Interface Summary
ConfigAwareElement<E extends ConfigBeanProxy> Grizzly config elements like protocols, filters, which implement this interface, will get correspondent dom configuration element.
FileCacheAware Marker for Adapter that support the FileCache
SecurePasswordProvider Common secure store password provider.

Class Summary
ConfigProtocolFinderWrapper ProtocolFinder wrapper, which is used in Grizzly configuration, to support Finder -> Protocol mapping.
ContainerStaticHandler Extends Grizzly StaticHandler.
ContainerStaticStreamAlgorithm Extends Grizzly StaticStreamAlgorithm.
ContextRootInfo Class represents context-root associated information
GrizzlyConfig Created Nov 24, 2008
GrizzlyEmbeddedHttp Implementation of Grizzly embedded HTTP listener
GrizzlyEmbeddedHttps Implementation of Grizzly embedded HTTPS listener
GrizzlyServiceListener The GrizzlyServiceListener is responsible of mapping incoming requests to the proper Container or Grizzly extensions.
GrizzlyUtils Set of Grizzly network utilities
Utils Created Dec 18, 2008
WebProtocolHandler This class maps the current request to its associated Container.

Exception Summary
GrizzlyConfigException Created Jan 5, 2009

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