Package com.sun.grizzly.http.jk.common

Class Summary
AjpConstants Common class for the AJP Protocol values
ChannelJni Pass messages using jni
ChannelNioSocket Accept ( and send ) TCP messages.
ChannelShm Channel using shm.
ChannelSocket Accept ( and send ) TCP messages.
ChannelUn Pass messages using unix domain sockets.
HandlerDispatch Dispatch based on the message type.
HandlerRequest Handle messages related with basic request information.
JkInputStream Generic input stream impl on top of ajp
JniHandler Base class for components using native code ( ).
MsgAjp A single packet for communication between the web server and the container.
Shm Handle the shared memory objects.
Shm14 Shm implementation using JDK1.4 nio.
WorkerDummy A dummy worker, will just send back a dummy response.

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