Package com.sun.grizzly.http

Interface Summary
ErrorHandler Error handler to be called on HTTP request processing.
HttpSelectorHandler General HTTP SelectorHandler interface
Management Simple interface used as a wrapper to a JMX management implementation.
ProcessorTaskFactory Factory, responsible for creating ProcessorTask.
Task Wrapper object used by the WorkerThread
TaskListener This interface allows Task object to communicate their state when WorkerThread start processing them or when the processing is completed.

Class Summary
BackendConfiguration This configuration might be useful, when Grizzly HttpServer is running behind an HTTP gateway like reverse proxy, load balancer etc...
CompressionFiltersProvider Provider, which is responsible for collecting compression filters.
Constants Constants.
DefaultProtocolFilter Default ProtocolFilter implementation, that allows HTTP request processing.
FileCache This class implements a file caching mechanism used to cache static resources.
FileCacheFactory A factory for creating FileCache instance.
HttpProtocolChain Customized implementation of a ProtocolChain
HttpWorkerThread Specialized WorkerThread.
KeepAliveStats Class collecting keep-alive statistics.
KeepAliveThreadAttachment Add keep alive counting mechanism to the ThreadAttachment.
ProcessorTask Process HTTP request.
SelectorThread The SelectorThread class is the entry point when embedding the Grizzly Web Server.
SelectorThread.CommaSeparatedList Class represents a wrapper over comma-separated list represented as String value.
SelectorThreadHandler SelectorHandler implementation SelectorThread passes to Controller.
SelectorThreadKeyHandler Default HTTP SelectionKeyHandler implementation
SocketChannelOutputBuffer Output buffer.
SocketChannelOutputBuffer.AsyncWriteCallbackHandlerImpl AsyncWriteCallbackHandler implementation, which is responsible for returning cloned ByteBuffers to the pool
StatsThreadPool Internal FIFO used by the Worker Threads to pass information between Task objects.
StatsThreadPool.HttpWorkerThreadFactory Create new HttpWorkerThread.
TaskBase Abstract implementation of a Task object.
TaskEvent<E> Sample event object used by instance of TaskListener to share status information about where they are when processing a request.
ThreadPoolStatistic This class is a placeholde for gathering statistic from a ExecutorService

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