Package com.sun.grizzly.http.servlet

Class Summary
CookieWrapper Simple Wrapper around Cookie.
DispatchedHttpServletRequest Wrapper around a javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest that transforms an application request object (which might be the original one passed to a servlet.
DispatchedHttpServletResponse Wrapper around a javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse that transforms an application response object (which might be the original one passed to a servlet.
DispatcherConstants Constants based on Servlet3.0 spec.
FilterConfigImpl FilterConfig implementation.
HttpServletRequestImpl Facade class that wraps a GrizzlyRequest request object.
HttpServletResponseImpl Facade class that wraps a GrizzlyResponse object.
HttpSessionImpl Basic HttpSession based on GrizzlySession support.
RequestDispatcherImpl Standard implementation of RequestDispatcher that allows a request to be forwarded to a different resource to create the ultimate response, or to include the output of another resource in the response from this resource.
ServletAdapter Adapter class that can initiate a FilterChain and execute its Filter and its Servlet Configuring a GrizzlyWebServer or SelectorThread to use this GrizzlyAdapter implementation add the ability of servicing Servlet as well as static resources.
ServletConfigImpl Basic ServletConfig implementation.
ServletContextImpl Simple ServletContext implementation.

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