Package com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11

Interface Summary
FilterFactory Factory, responsible for creating Filters.
GrizzlyListener Basic interface to be implemented by classes that support Adapter and can act like web server like SelectorThread.
InputFilter Input filter interface.
OutputFilter Output filter.

Class Summary
Constants Constants.
GrizzlyAdapter Base class to use when GrizzlyRequest/Response/InputStream/OutputStream are needed to implement a customized HTTP container/extendion to the http module.
GrizzlyAdapterChain The GrizzlyAdapterChain class allow the invokation of multiple GrizzlyAdapter every time a new HTTP requests is ready to be handled.
GrizzlyInputBuffer The buffer used by Tomcat request.
GrizzlyInputStream This class handles reading bytes.
GrizzlyOutputBuffer The buffer used by Tomcat response.
GrizzlyOutputStream Coyote implementation of the servlet output stream.
GrizzlyPrincipal Generic implementation of that is used to represent principals authenticated at the protocol handler level.
GrizzlyReader Coyote implementation of the buffred reader.
GrizzlyRequest Wrapper object for the Coyote request.
GrizzlyResponse<A> Wrapper object for the Coyote response.
GrizzlySession Simple session object used.
GrizzlyWriter Coyote implementation of the servlet writer.
InternalOutputBuffer Output buffer.

Exception Summary
ClientAbortException Wrap an IOException identifying it as being caused by an abort of a request by a remote client.

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