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Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.http

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.http with parameters of type MessageBytes
 FilterFactory CompressionFiltersProvider.getOutputFilter(MessageBytes encoding)
          Get FilterFactory, which supports passed encoding, or null, if encoding is not supported by any registered filter factory.
protected  OutputFilter ProcessorTask.lookupCompressionFilter(MessageBytes encoding)
 void ProcessorTask.parseHost(MessageBytes valueMB)
          Parse host.
 boolean CompressionFiltersProvider.supportsOutput(MessageBytes encoding)
          Returns true, if there is registered OutputFilter, which support passed encoding, or false, if encoding is not supported by any registered filter.

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.http.ajp

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.http.ajp that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes AjpHttpRequest.sslCert()

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.http.jk.common

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.http.jk.common with parameters of type MessageBytes
 void MsgAjp.appendBytes(MessageBytes mb)
          Write a String out at the current write position.
 void MsgAjp.getBytes(MessageBytes mb)

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.http.jk.core

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.http.jk.core with parameters of type MessageBytes
abstract  void Msg.appendBytes(MessageBytes mb)
abstract  void Msg.getBytes(MessageBytes mb)

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.tcp

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.tcp that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes Request.contentType()
 MessageBytes Request.decodedURI()
 MessageBytes Request.getAuthType()
 MessageBytes Request.getRemoteUser()
 MessageBytes Request.instanceId()
          Get the instance id (or JVM route).
 MessageBytes Request.localAddr()
 MessageBytes Request.localName()
 MessageBytes Request.method()
 MessageBytes Request.protocol()
 MessageBytes Request.query()
 MessageBytes Request.queryString()
 MessageBytes Request.remoteAddr()
          After #action with ActionCode.ACTION_REQ_HOST_ADDR_ATTRIBUTE is called, returns remote address of the client that made the request.
 MessageBytes Request.remoteHost()
 MessageBytes Request.requestURI()
 MessageBytes Request.scheme()
 MessageBytes Request.serverName()
          Return the buffer holding the server name, if any.
 MessageBytes Request.unparsedURI()

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.tcp with parameters of type MessageBytes
 void Request.setContentType(MessageBytes mb)

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11

Fields in com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11 declared as MessageBytes
protected  MessageBytes GrizzlyResponse.redirectURLCC
          Recyclable buffer to hold the redirect URL.

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11 that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes GrizzlyRequest.getDecodedRequestURIMB()
          Get the decoded request URI.

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11 with parameters of type MessageBytes
 void InternalOutputBuffer.sendHeader(MessageBytes name, MessageBytes value)
          Send a header.
protected  void InternalOutputBuffer.write(MessageBytes mb)
          This method will write the contents of the specyfied message bytes buffer to the output stream, without filtering.

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.util.buf

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.buf that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes MessageBytes.getClone()
 MessageBytes TimeStamp.getName()
          Return the "name" of the timestamp.
static MessageBytes MessageBytes.newInstance()
          Construct a new MessageBytes instance
 MessageBytes MessageBytes.MessageBytesFactory.newInstance()

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.buf with parameters of type MessageBytes
 void UDecoder.convert(MessageBytes mb)
          URLDecode, will modify the source Includes converting '+' to ' '.
 void C2BConverter.convert(MessageBytes mb)
          Convert a message bytes chars to bytes
 void UDecoder.convert(MessageBytes mb, boolean query)
          URLDecode, will modify the source
 void UDecoder.convert(MessageBytes mb, boolean query, boolean allowEncodingSlash)
          URLDecode, will modify the source
static void B2CConverterBlocking.convertASCII(MessageBytes mb)
          Character conversion of a US-ASCII MessageBytes.
static void B2CConverter.convertASCII(MessageBytes mb)
          Character conversion of a US-ASCII MessageBytes.
 void MessageBytes.duplicate(MessageBytes src)
          Copy the src into this MessageBytes, allocating more space if needed

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.util.collections

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.collections that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes MultiMap.get(String name)
 MessageBytes MultiMap.getName(int n)
          Returns the Nth header name This may be used to iterate through all header fields.
 MessageBytes MultiMap.getValue(int n)
          Returns the Nth header value This may be used to iterate through all header fields.

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.util.http

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.http that return MessageBytes
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.addValue(byte[] b, int startN, int len)
          Create a new named header using un-translated byte[].
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.addValue(char[] c, int startN, int len)
          Create a new named header using translated char[].
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.addValue(String name)
          Create a new named header , return the MessageBytes container for the new value
 MessageBytes ServerCookie.getComment()
 MessageBytes ServerCookie.getDomain()
 MessageBytes ServerCookie.getName()
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.getName(int n)
          Returns the Nth header name, or null if there is no such header.
 MessageBytes ServerCookie.getPath()
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.getUniqueValue(String name)
          Finds and returns a unique header field with the given name.
 MessageBytes ServerCookie.getValue()
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.getValue(int n)
          Returns the Nth header value, or null if there is no such header.
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.getValue(String name)
          Finds and returns a header field with the given name.
 MessageBytes MimeHeaders.setValue(String name)
          Allow "set" operations - return a MessageBytes container for the header value ( existing header or new if this .

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.http with parameters of type MessageBytes
static boolean HttpRequestURIDecoder.checkNormalize(MessageBytes uriMB)
          Check that the URI is normalized following character decoding.
protected  void HttpRequestURIDecoder.convertMB(MessageBytes mb)
          Character conversion of the a US-ASCII MessageBytes.
static void HttpRequestURIDecoder.decode(MessageBytes decodedURI, UDecoder urlDecoder)
          Decode the http request represented by the bytes inside MessageBytes using an UDecoder.
static void HttpRequestURIDecoder.decode(MessageBytes decodedURI, UDecoder urlDecoder, String encoding, B2CConverter b2cConverter)
          Decode the http request represented by the bytes inside MessageBytes using an UDecoder, using the specified encoding, using the specified [@link B2CConverter} to decode the request.
 void DispatcherHelper.mapName(MessageBytes name, MappingData mappingData)
 void DispatcherHelper.mapPath(MessageBytes host, MessageBytes path, MappingData mappingData)
static boolean HttpRequestURIDecoder.normalize(MessageBytes uriMB)
          Normalize URI.
static boolean HttpRequestURIDecoder.normalizeBytes(MessageBytes mb)
 void Parameters.processParameters(MessageBytes data)
 void Parameters.processParameters(MessageBytes data, String encoding)
 void Parameters.setQuery(MessageBytes queryMB)

Uses of MessageBytes in com.sun.grizzly.util.http.mapper

Fields in com.sun.grizzly.util.http.mapper declared as MessageBytes
 MessageBytes MappingData.contextPath
 MessageBytes MappingData.pathInfo
 MessageBytes MappingData.redirectPath
 MessageBytes MappingData.requestPath
 MessageBytes MappingData.wrapperPath

Methods in com.sun.grizzly.util.http.mapper with parameters of type MessageBytes
 void uri, MappingData mappingData)
          Map the specified URI relative to the context, mutating the given mapping data.
 void host, MessageBytes uri, MappingData mappingData)
          Map the specified host name and URI, mutating the given mapping data.

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