Package com.sun.grizzly.util

Interface Summary
AttributeHolder Interface declares common functionality for objects, which could have associated attributes.
ConnectionCloseHandler Simple listener to be used when an application needs to be notified when a a SelectorHandler, ConnectionHandler or SelectionKeyHandler close a connection (ConnectionCloseHandler.locallyClosed(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey)), or when a remote client close the connection (ConnectionCloseHandler.remotelyClosed(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey)).
ConnectionCloseHandlerNotifier General interface for ConnectionCloseHandlers notifiers.
Copyable Copyable objects are able to copy their content to other objects of the same type
ExtendedThreadPool Thread pool, from which it's possible to gather statistics information, and finer control its execution.
Interceptor<E,F extends Channel> Simple interception hook used to trap events inside Grizzly core.
ObjectPool<E> Basic interface for object pool implementations
StreamAlgorithm<E> Deprecated. Use the ProtocolParser instead.
SupportStateHolder<E> Interface implementors support StateHolder for state control
ThreadPoolMonitoringProbe Monitoring probe providing callbacks that may be invoked by Grizzly ExtendedThreadPool implementations.
TransferQueue<E> A BlockingQueue in which producers may wait for consumers to receive elements.

Class Summary
AbstractThreadPool Abstract ExtendedThreadPool implementation.
ByteBufferFactory Factory class used to create ByteBuffer.
ByteBufferInputStream Deprecated. - Use InputReader instead
Charsets Charset utility class.
ClassLoaderUtil Simple ClassLoader utility.
Cloner Class Cloner creates a clone of given object, which should implement interface Copyable
ConcurrentLinkedQueuePool<E> ObjectPool
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap<K,V> An advanced hash table supporting configurable garbage collection semantics of keys and values, optional referential-equality, full concurrency of retrievals, and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.
ConcurrentWeakHashMap<K,V> A hash table with weak keys, full concurrency of retrievals, and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.
DefaultThreadPool Deprecated. please use GrizzlyExecutorService.createInstance() instead.
ExpandJar Expand out a jar.
FixedThreadPool minimalistic fixed threadpool to allow for nice scalability if a good Queue impl is used.
FutureImpl<R> Default Future implementation
Grizzly Class contains information about Grizzly framework
InputReader This class implement IO stream operations on top of a ByteBuffer.
IntrospectionUtils Utils for introspection and reflection
LinkedTransferQueue<E> An unbounded TransferQueue based on linked nodes.
LoggerUtils Customize the Logger of the http-util package.
LoggingFormatter Format the record to include the Thread that logged the record.
LogMessages Defines string formatting method for each constant in the resource file
OutputWriter NIO utility to flush ByteBuffer
SelectedKeyAttachmentLogic allows for custom logic, if controller detects SelectedKeyAttachmentLogic attachment on a valid key it does not perform anything.
SelectionKeyActionAttachment Class represents extended version of SelectionKeyAttachment, and introduces process method, which will be called by framework once SelectionKey has some ready event, before actual event processing.
SelectionKeyAttachment Basic class for all SelectionKey attachments.
SelectionKeyAttachmentWrapper<E> SelectionKey attachment utility class.
SelectorFactory Factory used to dispatch/share Selector.
SSLOutputWriter SSL over NIO utility to encrypt ByteBuffer and flush them.
SSLUtils SSL over NIO utility class.
StateHolder<E> Class, which holds the state.
StateHolder.ConditionListener<E> Common ConditionListener class, which could be used with StateHolder, to register custom conditions.
StateHolder.EqualConditionListener<E> Equal ConditionListener implementation
StateHolder.EventListener EventListener class, which is a part of EventConditionListener, and implements notificatation logic, when condition becomes true.
StateHolder.NotEqualConditionListener<E> Not equal ConditionListener implementation
SyncThreadPool ExecutorService implementation, which function the similar way as former Grizzly 1.x Pipeline based thread pools.
ThreadAttachment This object represent the state of a WorkerThread.
ThreadLocalRandom A random number generator with the same properties as class Random but isolated to the current Thread.
Utils Class contains set of useful operations commonly used in the framework
WorkerThread Simple interface to allow the addition of Thread attributes.
WorkerThreadFactory Simple utility class to create WorkerThread
WorkerThreadImpl Simple worker thread used for processing HTTP requests.

Enum Summary
ByteBufferFactory.ByteBufferType An enumeration of all type of ByteBuffer this object can create.
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.ReferenceType An option specifying which Java reference type should be used to refer to a key and/or value.
InputReader.ChannelType The Channel type is used to avoid invoking the instanceof operation when registering the Socket|Datagram Channel to the Selector.
State State enum STOPPED - Process is stopped, not running state STARTED - Process is started, running state PAUSED - Process is paused, not processing tasks

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