Package org.glassfish.grizzly.asyncqueue

Interface Summary
AsyncQueue Common interface for AsyncQueue processors.
AsyncQueueEnabledTransport Interface, which Transports should implement if they support AsyncQueues.
AsyncQueueIO<L> Class encapsulates asynchronous queue implementation: AsyncQueueReader, AsyncQueueWriter.
AsyncQueueReader<L> The AsyncQueue, which implements asynchronous read queue.
AsyncQueueWriter<L> The AsyncQueue, which implements asynchronous write queue.
MessageCloner<E> Cloner, which will be called by AsyncQueueWriter, when message could not be written directly, and will be added to the queue.
PushBackHandler Callback handler, which will be called by Grizzly Writer implementation, if message can not be neither written nor added to write queue at the moment due to I/O or memory limitations.
WritableMessage Common interface for entities that may be written to a Channel.

Class Summary
AsyncQueueRecord<R> AsyncQueue element unit
AsyncQueueWriter.Reentrant Write reentrants counter
AsyncReadQueueRecord AsyncQueue read element unit
AsyncWriteQueueRecord AsyncQueue write element unit
PushBackContext Context being passed when Writer refuses to accept passed WritableMessage due to I/O or memory limitations.
TaskQueue<E> Class represents common implementation of asynchronous processing queue.

Enum Summary

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