Package org.glassfish.grizzly.config

Interface Summary
ConfigAwareElement<E extends ConfigBeanProxy> Grizzly config elements like protocols, filters, which implement this interface, will get correspondent dom configuration element.
ContextRootInfo.Holder The interface, which is responsible for holding ContextRootInfo, which makes possible to initialize ContextRootInfo lazily.
GrizzlyListener The GrizzlyServiceListener is responsible of mapping incoming requests to the proper Container or Grizzly extensions.
SecurePasswordProvider Common secure store password provider.

Class Summary
ContextRootInfo Class represents context-root associated information
GenericGrizzlyListener Generic GrizzlyListener implementation, which is not HTTP dependent, and can support any Transport configuration, based on FilterChain.
Utils Created Dec 18, 2008

Exception Summary
GrizzlyConfigException Created Jan 5, 2009

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