Package org.glassfish.grizzly.servlet

Interface Summary
ExpectationHandler Handler, responsible for processing Expect: header in a HTTP requests, for example "Expect: 100-Continue"
ExpectationHandler.AckAction Interface, using which ExpectationHandler may confirm or refuse client expectation.

Class Summary
CookieWrapper Simple Wrapper around Cookie.
DefaultServlet This servlet will be invoked when no other servlet matches the request URI.
DispatchedHttpServletRequest Wrapper around a javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest that transforms an application request object (which might be the original one passed to a servlet.
DispatchedHttpServletResponse Wrapper around a javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse that transforms an application response object (which might be the original one passed to a servlet.
DispatcherConstants Constants based on Servlet3.0 spec.
FilterChainFactory FilterChainFactory is responsible for building a FilterChain instance with the Filters that need to be invoked for a particular request URI.
FilterConfigImpl FilterConfig implementation.
FilterRegistration Allows customization of a Filter registered with the WebappContext.
Holders Set of holder interfaces, which help to bind Servlet and Grizzly HttpServer abstractions.
HttpServletRequestImpl Facade class that wraps a Request request object.
HttpServletResponseImpl Facade class that wraps a Response object.
HttpSessionImpl Basic HttpSession based on Session support.
Registration Base class for all complex registrable components within a web application.
RequestDispatcherImpl Standard implementation of RequestDispatcher that allows a request to be forwarded to a different resource to create the ultimate response, or to include the output of another resource in the response from this resource.
ServletConfigImpl Basic ServletConfig implementation.
ServletHandler HttpHandler implementation that provides an entry point for processing a Servlet request.
ServletRegistration Allows customization of a Servlet registered with the WebappContext.
ServletUtils Grizzly Servlet utilities.
WebappContext This class acts as the foundation for registering listeners, servlets, and filters in an embedded environment.

Enum Summary
DispatcherType Enumerates the DispatcherTypes supported by the Servlet 3.0 specification.

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